Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Year Later...

Oh boy! It only took a year to finish this top.

Actually, it took about a month to finish the top which I made at The Workshop (taught by the amazing and inspiring Johanna of Seams Likely), and another 11 months to get around to adding the border. I'd like to take that as a sign I'm becoming a *real* quilter. That is, I'm steadily building up a pile of WIPs in varying states.

This past weekend, I put a push on finishing this top along with prepping two other quilts to send to R. Not only is she the mother of one of my best friends, R is a very accomplished and talented quilter. I am beyond lucky because as well as being an amazing teacher, she also has large quilt frame & sewing machine (not a long-arm, but one that is dedicated to quilting), and offered to quilt the tops at a family discount.

While my Double Wedding Ring is riddled with mistakes and slightly off seams, it is my first (and maybe only) Double Wedding Ring and I know I can trust R to quilt something special. And also hopefully something that hides my mistakes.

It feels great to have three quilts off my WIP pile! Guess that just means I have to start a few more projects.



  1. This quilt is A-MAZING! I love every last thing about it. I love double wedding ring quilts, but wonder if I'll ever make one. I love the bright fabrics on the white. That just speaks to me right now. Fabulous.

    Also, I'm loving your hexagon's. That is my goal for this summer - to start making a bunch of those so I can still be outside with my kids this summer. Where did you find your templates, or do you make your own?

  2. This is beautiful!! I love it!

    And it was very nice to meet you in person at the guild meeting yesterday!