Friday, April 23, 2010

Leather Clutch

A couple of weeks ago I took the Leather Clutch class at The Workroom. This was no easy feat - not the class, but getting in! It's one of the most popular classes on the schedule and usually books up within the first hour of the class schedule coming out. After over a year of trying to nail a spot, I finally did.

The leather is from Perfect Leather in Toronto. I love this shade of teal and its slight metallic sheen. The piece of goat leather (poor little goat) was around $18 and turned out to be big enough to make four purses. I only made one in the class, and I can't see the need for three more clutches in the same colour even to give away as gifts. If someone is ever interested in swapping leather, lemme know!

The lining fabric is a gorgeous double-gauze Echino print. Not sure of the name but it's one of my favorites.

I've already taken my clutch out on its first maiden voyage - drinks and dinner with My Guy last weekend. It's the perfect size to hold a phone, credit cards & cash, lipstick, powder with room for more without looking bulky or overstuffed.


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