Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Heart Hex's

It's official. I am addicted to English Paper Piecing. I LOVE making these hexagons!

Hex Love seems to be in the air because I've run across a fair number of other quilt-blogs where hexagons are the current rage. Perhaps it's because of how easy and versatile the hand-piecing can be? Especially with the warmer weather. Who wants to think about sitting inside quilting on a gorgeous, sunny day? Not me.

My plan for these hexagons is pretty ambitious. In my dream world, I want to make 270 of these 2" babies for a double-size quilt for my bedroom. If I get on a roll, I'll more so I can have a true queen-size quilt. About twenty down and only 250 to go!

Now I have something to do on the many baseball-centered road trips The Man is threatening to take me on. ;-)



  1. I'm similarly addicted, Karen. I was sorta wishing these wouldn't be nearly as fun to make as they actually are for fear of many more UFOs around the apartment. Turns out Johanna's warning was accurate ...

  2. Hi Karen,
    I just realized I never responded to a question you left in a comment on my blog. I couldn't email you back because your email settings leave you as a "no reply" address. :(

    You asked how big the hexagons I used in my quilt were. The hexagons here 10" from side to side and pieced using the half hexagon method. My quilt was queen sized so I think I might have gone crazy if I had used the standard hand piecing method with 2" hexagons! Kudos to you if you're able to stick it out to make the queen though!