Monday, November 2, 2009

Mom's Apricot Fence Rail

I started quilting three years ago. Well, that's when I first learned how to do a nine-patch and since then I've progressed quite a bit both in terms of my skill level and my taste. I do love the traditional patterns but over the last year I've really started to gravitate more towards modern quilting. I think it's the wonderful influence of all the blogs I read!! My eyes have been opened to a whole new way of looking at quilting.

In anycase, my mom is a more traditional gal, and after she and my father came together (they're divorced) to buy me a Pfaff ClassicStyle Quilt sewing machine three years ago, I knew the first quilt I wanted to sew would be for her as thanks for the amazing sewing machine (dad, poor dad, was 2nd on the list).

I did a little photo shoot when I was at her place over Thanksgiving, and here is her quilt.

The only problem? It still doesn't have a name! I feel so bad about it being nameless. It's almost as bad as a quilt being homeless.

Any and all suggestions welcome!

- k

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  1. Karen-
    This quilt is a beauty!! And don't worry about a fancy name- "Mom's Apricot Fence Rail" IS its name! I'm going like mad on hand-piecing right now. It's portable! Keep on sewing; I know I'm trying.
    -Johanna :-)